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The best intentions can be corrupted when money gets in the way.

OpenAI was founded in 2015 as a non-profit company whose primary concern was to ensure that artificial general intelligence (AGI) would be created safely and would benefit all humanity evenly.

“As a non-profit, our aim is to build…


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3 years ago the words Artificial Intelligence evoked powerful sensations in me. Entering that world felt like taking a step into the mysteries and secrets of the future. I was mind-blown by the promises of intelligent machines, capable of solving tasks forever reserved to us. …

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Artificial intelligence keeps accelerating. Each year we read a vast amount of news talking about novel AI models that will revolutionize X industry or advance AI to new heights. However, the signal-noise ratio is very low. Only a bunch of impressive breakthroughs are worth remembering.

2021 hasn’t been different, that’s…

Ameca — Engineered Arts Ltd

Ameca isn’t the smartest. It isn’t the most helpful or skillful. It can’t have an engaging conversation or even move. But despite its apparent irrelevance, this handsome robot went viral recently — because it looks like you and me.

Conversations on AI and robotics usually revolve around intelligence, dexterity, language…

Can’t Help Myself — Photo by Ana Romero (Wikimedia Commons)

Another swing. Another sweep. Going on forever, to never fulfill the perpetual task it was programmed for.

This has been the reality of Sun Yuan & Peng Yu’s robotic masterpiece “Can’t Help Myself.” Commissioned in 2016 for the Guggenheim museum in New York, the industrial robot arm had only one…

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What follows is an unedited dialogue between the two most powerful artificial intelligences available to the public; GPT-3 and J1-Jumbo. OpenAI and AI21 labs, the startups that created them, have set up public playgrounds (OpenAI API and AI21 Studio) for people to test the systems. …


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DeepMind, one of the brightest stars in the AI firmament, has done it again.

In 2010, CEO Demis Hassabis founded the startup — which was later acquired by Google for $500 million — with the mission to solve “intelligence, advance science, and benefit humanity.” …

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