Follow These 2 Simple Steps to Build Healthier Relationships

When expressing your feelings isn’t enough you gotta defend them


When you express yourself you let the other person know who you are

We react to situations depending on our personality, mood, values, and beliefs. Every situation triggers emotions and feelings inside us that only we know about. But what happens when a situation involves the other person?

The 2-step process: Express and defend your feelings to claim your part in a shared space

Expressing what you feel or think doesn’t guarantee that the other person will respect it. That’s because the other person is in the same exact position as you are.

Recapping for you

Relationships are complex but this two-step approach helps in making them more healthy and balanced.

  • Defend your feelings: Even when you express your feelings the other person may not want to respect them. In the end, he/she is another human with feelings that may conflict with yours. If this happens, you are the only person who will defend your feelings. Try to find common ground but don’t put anything before how you feel.

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