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Half engineer, half neuroscientist. Interested in humanities | Words in The Startup, TDS, The Ascent, Mind Cafe |


  • Kamil Kolacek

    Kamil Kolacek

  • Debduti Sengupta

    Debduti Sengupta

    Data lover. Lifelong learner.

  • Erwin Karbasi

    Erwin Karbasi

    Code connoisseur and pragmatic software professional @Salesforce. Responsible for successful software development and developers.

  • Anand Tambey

    Anand Tambey

    sharing knowledge, sparking creativity, and helping people around me, to grow into a 3x version of themselves, their career and the business.

  • Kai Benedict

    Kai Benedict

    Writing my voice out, even though I haven’t quite found my voice just yet.

  • Beto Pallares

    Beto Pallares

    Venture Capital | Entrepreneurship | Innovation

  • caterpillar


    Die hearted fan of Anime Manga Manhua manhwa 😎😎😍and LIFE

  • Fernanda Vilela

    Fernanda Vilela

    Front-end dev, ML/CV enthusiast, Electrical engineer

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