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Writing at the intersection of AI, philosophy, and the cognitive sciences | | Get my articles for free:


  • Kamil Kolacek

    Kamil Kolacek

  • Eric Wang

    Eric Wang

  • Davmurciano


  • Debduti Sengupta

    Debduti Sengupta

    Data lover. Lifelong learner.

  • Dr Sachin pandit

    Dr Sachin pandit

    I like to write on Relationship, health, science, technology. Let's be friends Instagram: @sachinpandit.466

  • Samcudjoe


  • Jesse Munro

    Jesse Munro

    Author of “The Art of Sober Self-Care.” People appreciator, counselor, liver of life, and self-care expert.

  • Erwin Karbasi

    Erwin Karbasi

    Code connoisseur and pragmatic software professional @Salesforce. Responsible for successful software development and developers.

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