Alberto Romero
1 min readApr 12, 2021


Hi Aidan! Many of what you said is subject to personal opinion.

To explain myself better I'd say that I won't leave the industry 100%. AI is present everywhere and I don't have anything against it. However, I prefer to work in the cognitive sciences or at the intersection of both. Working for an AI company that is not doing vanguard research (the vast majority) isn't as appealing to me.

Regarding your points:

The power of AI as it's today is undeniable. I think it's one of the leading tech trends to watch out today, and it'll continue to be in the future.

About the magic, it's something very subjective. If it didn't lose it for you, that's great!

About the understanding, again, I prefer learning about human's true source of intelligence and cognitive power, than building weak, specific AI (using the historical terms).

Thank you for the response! :)