Hi Amanda, thank you for sharing your views!

I agree this isn't an encouraging article. I still think what I said here is the truth. For what you say, you're proof of that. First, you lacked an appropriate education (one of the factors), but then you worked hard and improved your knowledge and education, and better fulfilled your potential.

I agree that many people would prefer to read the opposite view. However, I prefer to understand things as they are, even if sometimes it's tough. Hard work is key for whatever we want to achieve in life. Sometimes it's enough to compensate for other things. But sometimes it isn't. I don't believe the story of: "If you work hard, you can achieve anything." Even if for some people, like you, it happens to work out.

That's why I wrote this piece, to talk about the side that it's often ignored. Not looking at reality doesn't make it disappear.

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