Prompt Engineering Is Probably More Important Than You Think

And I know you know it’s very important

Alberto Romero
10 min readMar 8


I’m definitely not as good as I’d like. ChatGPT + Midjourney

Because you’re reading this, I assume you’re aware that knowing how to prompt generative AI systems well is critical to stay ahead. Even then, I’d be willing to guess (most of) you underestimate the importance it’ll take in the short-term future — as long as we don’t fall into an AI winter or unintentionally create a superhuman evil AI.

Here’s a hint, in case you missed it:

That’s the monetary value one of the top AI startups in the world ascribes to this skill (and it’s safe to say they’re among the best positioned to evaluate prompt engineering’s worthiness).

Let me tell you this: we’re early. We’re witnessing the emergence of a new wave of abilities that, as I’ll argue in this essay, will have huge value soon (now) and a profound impact on anyone who learns to master them.

I don’t think you need convincing for that. My goal is not to persuade you but to explain why prompt engineering is so important — why it’s valued at $300K/year. To achieve that, I’ll give you context and a framework to think about prompt engineering that you won’t find in mainstream media.

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Prompt engineering is the skill of the future

I’ll start with a premise I think we all agree with: Directly-usable AI (e.g. generative tools) will become gradually ubiquitous to the point of being everywhere…



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