What No One Outside OpenAI Can Really Understand About OpenAI

Alberto Romero
6 min readSep 8, 2023

It’s 2023. You’ve spent four years (or five or six, you can’t remember), working on something — one big goal. You always knew what you wanted (the happy end of history, or so you liked to think). And you knew why you wanted it. You were relentlessly and tirelessly trying to figure out the how.

Despite you were merely taking shots in the dark, your steely determination triggered a global paradigm shift. You had a discipline, luckily for you, blessed by the gods. You didn’t believe in those — you don’t believe in them now either — but your faith, placed somewhere else, was strong nonetheless. That sufficed.

Back in 2017, the days are much longer and boring. Nothing happened yesterday despite your efforts. Nothing, probably, will happen today. You try anyway because there’s not much else besides trying.

The morning started like any other but suddenly, in an unexpected turn of events, a door leading somewhere magical unlocks before you. Not fully understanding the implications of your discovery you cross the doorway, never to look back.

It’s 2019. Driven more by confidence in your instincts than faith you take another jump forward. Again, that uncanny sensation runs through your body — not of mere achievement, but of pure epiphanic bliss…