Why I (Don’t Use ChatGPT to) Write

On the pleasure of putting words on a blank page

Alberto Romero
7 min readMay 3


Midjourney + DALL-E

People have asked me how I use AI, particularly ChatGPT, to write or edit my articles. I’ve always proudly admitted I don’t use it — at all.

Some of you may find this surprising given that, firstly, I write about AI, and secondly, I presumably know quite well the potential and proven merits of these tools — which are undeniable — and also the areas where they fall short and should thus be avoided. I’m aware that I enjoy an enviable edge to leverage generative AI tools. Anyone in my position would correctly think it’s ridiculous to not use ChatGPT — from a competitive lens, I’m imposing a strong handicap onto myself.

To explain why, I don’t have to resort to dismissing arguments like “ChatGPT produces low-quality prose.” That’s true now but GPT models will improve — maybe so much that they’ll become better than the best living writers (I don’t dare bet against AI). Tech-savvy, open-minded creators will take ChatGPT as a companion and overproduce and overshadow folks like me. How can I compete against such a force of nature?

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The pleasure of typing these words

I don’t want to fight steel swords with a stick. Why I don’t use ChatGPT, then? As an AI writer, I obviously don’t dislike technology. Neither do I advocate for stopping AI progress — although I support doing it more conscientiously. And even if I acknowledge we writers have a big problem looming over us, I think AI tools are merely a symptom, not the root cause.

I found the explanation — which applies to me but might not apply to any other writer who rejects AI — in George Orwell’s 1946 essay “Why I Write.” Before getting into the…



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